Joint Stock Company "Dastan Engineering" was established as a specialized company at Open Joint Stock Company Transnational Corporation "Dastan", that has 40-year history of development and production of naval weapon and underwater special  technique in Commonwealth of independent countries.
The task of "Dastan Engineering"  is to implement development and manufacturing application of advanced military products in the field of naval weapon, rocket systems, protection means for air and armored objects, radio engineering monitoring and reconnaissance
Besides, the company is engaged in other projects connected with absolutely new types of communication as well as implementation of new scientific, research  and engineering  ideas that do not have analogues in the world.
    Dastan Engineering has been fully licensed for development, production, sales, repair and service of defense equipment and weapon.

    The policy of our company is directed to professionalism, innovations, complex approach, quality, safety, flexibility in cooperation and respect to partners, staff and society.

    Dastan Engineering sees its task in stable extension of economic potential of domestic defense enterprises through high technology development projects and their implementation in the industrial enterprises according to priority directions of innovation activity. We concentrate our efforts on allocation of financial, material and intellectual resources for performance of applied scientific research and scientific and technical development, aimed at creation and expansion of high technology production

    Basic principles of  our work are: advanced high technologies, senior staff and non-infringing products

    All inventions achieved under investments of Dāstan Engineering make intellectual property of the company and are protected by proper domestic and international patents.

    The research and development activity of the company is focused on the following defence sectors:
1.    Naval weapon
2.    Radio engineering means of monitoring and reconnaissance
3.    Missile complexes
4.    Protection of ground and aerial technique

    The first and most progressive Naval Department can offer wide range of torpedo and mine weapon along with testing and repair stations. The list of products includes well-known systems such as USET-80, modernized oxygen torpedo 53-65KE as well as recently developed mobile ground mine "MURENA" and Multifunctional homing electric torpedo SET-92HK.

    The branch of radio engineering means is engaged in development of advanced complexes for monitoring and air defense reconnaissance: MOBILE STATION OF RADIO ENGINEERING MONITORING AND AIR DEFENCE PASSIVE TRACKING COMPLEX   based on usage of extra ordinary goniometric hyperbolic method of definition of target position according to their own radiation. 

    One of the main spheres of the scientific and research activity of our company is devoted to the protection systems for ground and aerial objects from different modern threats.

    Multi-echelon complex is proposed to countermeasure anti-tank means.

    The first echelon composes the F-3 Laser range-finding jamming system for tank fire control.
The Second  and the Third echelon are made with the multifunctional active protection system "ZASLON" and Modules of dynamic protection "Nozh". These systems can be applied in combination and in separate, increasing the vehicle survivability in 2-3 times.

    Jam station "Adros" KT-01AVE provides active protection of helicopters against guided missiles with infrared seekers.

    The missile complexes have been  developed by the well-known designers on the basis of many years of experience at state design offices. This branch is represented by the Portable mounted anti-tank rocket system with laser and active radar guidance and  the Portable anti-aircraft missile system.

    Our company pays maximum attention to logistics provisions of the project.
Full range of preparation, test, repair, calibration and recovery equipment is
Complete range of depot and due consumer spares are ensured during an agreed period 
Criteria for all performance parameters, testing program and procedure will
be delivered to enable the customer carry out inspection
Necessary technical and technological documentation is included into delivery.

    Research, development and production of weapon equipment is done at up-to-date facilities with modern tools. The development and production areas include:
-    Laboratories
-    Electronic shops
-    Final assembling areas
-    Hazardous materials testing shelter
-    Ground testing field
-    Torpedo testing range
-    Environmental chambers
-    Excess to metalwork, machinery, chemical and any other kind of serial industry

    The unique advantage for us is access to180 km torpedo test range that provides the necessary capability to extensively test and qualify all Naval products with ensuring the confidentiality of testing.. The range ensures condition close to sea in a calm environment and offer testing facility for the 95% of the year due to its climatic conditions
Target simulators are available at the testing range. It is necessary to test the operation of both active and passive homing systems of torpedoes as well as to check operation of electromagnet and acoustic influence exploders. Other infrastructure such as the laboratory, assembly and repair shop, oxygen and air compressor stations and accumulator preparation section are available at site.

    Dastan Engeneering has accomplished successful projects and created long term cooperation with many countries of Europe, America, Asia and Africa.

    Being flexible and open to our customers, we are ready to discuss any kind of possible cooperation:

delivery of weapon and associated equipment

transfer of technology

setting up assembling production at customer's site

joint production and development

training and technical support

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